Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hatred of Minecraft and Hypixel


A ten month observation of why Hypixel and related servers are just wrong, why to keep your kids away from them, and why minecraft can easily suck the life out of you if you are not aware of it. Be vigilant! Make sure to take steps because anyone who has played minecraft knows one cant play it in moderation! (And kids certainly could never do this!)


I can sum up this whole thing in two words: life wasted. You only get one, should you really be spending it on Hypixel throwing away hundreds of dollars/pounds just to have butterfly wings on a place where everyone is either four years old or is logging on from a developmentally disabled halfway house and cant wipe their butt without a staff member's help. These are the same people that if left in a bathroom the attendant would come back to the mis-spelled words "Popy wal" (supposed to be Poopy Wall) written on the wall in shit.) No I dont think they are all like that, but the ones WITH brains are just having their time and money sucked by the 95% that qualifies to the type of persona I just mentioned.


Good example, build battle --- half the time before i forbid all use of it, when my kids were on it, I saw in one week 90 times (yes 90) a nearly or all out win of  someone building either a giant dick, a giant man with a dick squirting white stuff out, as my kids described to my horror. IF YOU HAVE KIDS DO NOT LET THEM ON HYPIXEL UNLESS YOU INTEND TO LET THEM KNOW ABOUT THE FILTHYNESS OF THE WORLD!!!  I just had to put that out there because thats the truth, no matter how many hundreds you report -- 200 more come in the time that you did. This is why kids under the age of say 15 should probably not be on hypixel or related sites (like Minecraft Central, which is just as bad).


So they say they are all fair right? Get this: I report many of these and they never got even a day of being banned because either they were paying members or they paid for unban right away, or, beacuse I didnt have some evidence they required (technicality) as if a screenshot isnt good enough, they want a blood sample, your firstborn child, and a sample of semen from the opposing party, oh and a screenshot of you standing in front of the real atomic clock to verify the date.


It gets worse, ive seen countless people get banned (30 days!) just for speaking out in horror against these terrible deeds. Who in their right mind would not? Apparently Hypixel and friends are in the buisiness only for the money, and of course corrupting our youth is apparently another aim of this terrifying place. Nude skins (which they say are against the rules) run rampant. There are so-called hangouts where sexual related activities take place. All I ever see the admin do is use their power to win the very games they are supposed to be protecting. Why are admins playing? isn't it supposed to be a JOB? 


Its a good thing minecraft doesn't  have some way of dumping drugs and alcohol into our kids hands because if they did, they would. This becomes apparent on some of the cracked servers when I see 'cocaine speed' as a menu option when you log in. These are all accessible through legit website lists too. To make it all worse, there actually is a Grand Theft Auto server plugin --- which you certainly dont want your kids playing that right? (its called Mine Theft Auto or something like that, or just 'Minecraft GTA').


Other games like Cops and Crims sound bad but are not when you see them. Many games are 'cute' and have a look of innocence to them, which is the disguise minecraft servers wear to hide their horrible members, who are rich enough to buy all the unbans they need to keep on filling our heads with filth.


So online servers: destroy youth and innocence in a flash
offline play: waste thousands of hours when the kid could be learning something


Do I know first hand as a parent Minecraft? Yes, I personally took it upon myself to make sure I fully immersed myself in it as well so I could properly know what my kids were into. Talk about a horrifying experience!  It almost sucked me in as bad is it did them. 


    It will be about 10 months now and I am finally breaking this off, and I can see why the main developer wants nothing to do with his creation that turned into a monster. I would have done the same thing. But I dont blame him, as a programmer I know how it is to dream of creating something that changes the world. But we usually want that to happen in a GOOD way. He must of been devastated when he found out this kind of pay-to-win crap was going on (dont get me started on pay to win, its a whole 'nother horror).


....just kidding! said I wasn't getting into that (were you scared?)


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