Saturday, June 13, 2015

I HATE blogs that have cool stuff and then drop off the face of the planet for about 6 months and then...

I HATE blogs that have cool stuff and then drop off the face of the planet for about 6 months and then come back and act like they didn't miss a beat. At least that is what I want to say, but in this current situation I find myself in, I have actually done this myself :)

I think I'll post more often.... so now I will go out and find something that I really don't like:

Where Was The Sysop!!

FYI: Last 6 months, total hell... dealing with commercial providers that all seem to hate me and are trying to get me banned from the internet, just because. A great example of this is what happened a few days ago at yahoo, they do NOT deserve a capital y, I am holding it hostage, here-> (Y) !

Do you, taboo?

  I posted a question on yahoo answers because someone told me that microwave radiation can be used to cure some feline cancers, and yahoo actually deleted the question and wrote me several threatening e-mails (in a cease and desist court order-esque style) also informing me they deleted the question, found it offensive, deducted points from my "reputation".

The Blue Meanies

  This is the same company I was until recently paying money each month to for web hosting. So I have terminated ALL ties with yahoo, kinda as a last fuck off.

Yahoo Dropping The Soap (Here I "Come...")

  If yahoo is doing these things, it wont be long until google comes for me as well. The world is falling into Idiocracy, faster than I previously thought. Maybe if I told them it has electrolytes they would let me off the hook, but then I would have to betray my -self- to do that.

You Want Me To Violate Your What?

  Why should you care? We are losing our right to speak on the internet slowly but surely through the usage of "Terms of Services", "Agreements" and "Acceptable Use Policies" and we don't even realize it. Once the internet is rife with an anomic populous throughout; it will transcend to "real life".

Rrrriiibbiiit!!! ....Rrrrrr
  Again, slowly, but surely. This process will take decades perhaps, but the real scary part is that it IS happening. Like the frog sitting in water being slowly boiled to death, that's what our human rights are in terms of probable designations.

Don't Browbeat the Provider

  Yeah I know Google (you get to keep you G, for now..) is providing blogger. And I shouldn't have put them in there too.. but they aren't going to do anything to me just because I s d b a a t a $# () (#@(@%$pJPASO)#