Sunday, September 13, 2015

I hate crazy women

Damnit, I hate crazy women with a passion to kill. And let me tell you why. This is a true story and not exaggerated either:

It was about the end of our mild summer here in the northeast (2015) and I took my 10 and 12 year old kids up to the store. It was pretty early, about 7 o'clock or so, I got out because I didn't think the store was open. The kids stayed in the car because they didn't want to walk up to the door with me to check the hours.

I shit you not, I walked up (this is about 30 seconds), to the store, which was open, to check the hours, then walked back (30 more seconds), to find what? A rapant 40ish female raving at me about how my kids have been left alone in the car for a half hour. When I replied, "no it has not been a half hour". She of course said "I've been here the whole time, haven't I kids?". My kids gave me the same confused look I was giving her, but it was quickly turning to hatred. I told her over and over what just happened, quoting the reality that laid out before her.  Then I made the mistake of saying "even if it was a half hour, it's not like it would be any of your business anyway". It was like opening up pandorras box or maybe the only saftey latch left on this women's mouth.

Just let you mind fill in the blanks on that one. I left saying stuff like "Go ahead" and "It's a free country". It was pointless and we quickly decided she was a waste of our time. If anyone should have the cops called on them, it was her for distrubing an otherwise peaceful morning. The temperature is about 55-60 degrees, sunny. So tell me, what did I do wrong? 

I left wondering if I should call someone. Maybe she was tripping on acid or something or maybe in normal life she is such a bitch that someone thought it would be fun to slip her something in her coffee. That thought aside, I didn't do anything.

Well, I wouldn't say anything, I wrote this blog entry. So, I say to you, crazy bitch on acid prowling the Shop and Save parking lot at 7 in the morning: Lay the Fuck off the drugs will ya, your disturbing the peace! Next time I might call the cops just for some sideshow fun! (of course, video-recording the whole thing!)

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