Monday, June 15, 2015

Last post of the Year, Proof That The World Is In Fact Heartless

I declare today, the last day of the year (June 15, 2015)
That's right, 6/15/15
Because 666 is the mark of the beast.. and...
Month = 6, Day = 15 (1+5 = 6), Year = 15 (1 + 5 = 6)
Century is 20, which is mentioned twice (20 x 2 = 40 + mentioned twice = 42, the meaning of life, the universe, and everything.)

:pow: There, that's my logic and without further ado...

I know I throw the word 'hate' around like a wet towel in this blog since it's inception two years ago-ish, and I have little to back up that claim that I am right, even if I actually am. I now have proof that people in general suck. Drum roll please...

#1 Rich Assholes really are Rich Assholes, Scientifically Proven in 2014!!!

What better way to use science and psychology studies than to prove what we already know to be true? That's right, we now can PROVE that rich people are assholes beyond a shadow of a doubt. The proof comes from a study at the University of California's Psychology Department in Berkeley, CA.  Ironically, the same University where many of today's young assholes now graduate from being undergraduate to professional.

#2 Nobody ever follows up on new year's resolutions, except during new year's day and lent.

#3 Wikipedia is a group of people dedicated to promoting themselves to the history books in such a way that their motives, character, and qualifications cannot be questioned by even the best justice system in the world.

#4 When you see website addresses and wireless camera crop marks on freight train cars, campsite rocks in the mountains, picnic tables, on manhole covers, etc.... and the worst part is, that is not weird or uncommon.

#5 Phone booths rare today as pulse dialing was 10 years ago, pulse dialing is as rare today as 7-digit phone numbers. 7 digit phone numbers are as rare today as 4-digit phone numbers, (...goes on to compare Phones that actually are connected to both parties physically, that can be struck by lightning and possibly kill someone, etc, etc --- morse code anyone?)

#6 A single EMP over Minnesota would put us ALL right back in the stone age (and yes, iran, you are right for detonating your test bombs in the air, and you are lucky that nobody is catching on to the fact they your doing it on purpose!)

#7  You feel guilty for smoking in your car when parked near a hospital or school.

#8  The National Weather Service now gives cutesy nick names ALL storms, instead of the 'L0NNN' format (R014, for example is now known as "Thunder Storm Abby Irth Heytoeue")

#9  There are more akward rant-and-rave-to-apparently-nobody blogs than there are legitimate websites online. IRC is now run by kiddie porn traders, perl is "competing' with python, and perl6 is a rotten prank by Larry Wall who wanted to play the biggest CIS joke ever before he bit the big one.

#10 New Years Day does not fall on the right day, unless you live in china

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