Sunday, August 31, 2014


The Misconception of ADBLOCK and Internet Ads
by Saber Ghomasti Harp

Steam, USA - It seems like folks are having a bit of a sh*t fit over adblock and the fact that everyone is now using it. At steam forums, I read about how 'some people on youtube depend on those ads for their weekly check'. And to that I say "kiss my ass".  Such ridiculous nonsense!! Really, are you REALLY whining because you could make money for free? And what? Now you can no longer make as much money for free?  It serves you right for taking advantage of people in the first place.

Why AdBlock Is NOT Evil

If an advertiser, lets say the nearby public park, spends money and puts of a nice big billboard that is within view of your (and everyone else's) house. Pretend for a second that curtains have not been invented yet. One day, one guy gets so sick because they added LIGHTS to the already annoying sign that he invents curtains for his windows. It is so popular, in fact, that everyone starts making and using curtains too!

Do you think this is wrong?  Is it acceptable for the sign makers to install a large wrecking ball that takes down their curtains because they don't like them? Of course not. And it is not different with the Internet. You are trying to make extra cash by advertising for someone else, and taking a bit off the top. There was another organization known to do stuff like that. It was called "The Italian Mob".

No, I'm not saying you are with the mob, but I can pretty much guess you aren't PAYING for that advertising are you?  Many of you (YouTubers, for example) make, publish, and promote your content FREE OF CHARGE*.  At least the sign makers across the street had to pay someone to make the sign, and rent the space to display it!! But not you!

And no, it is not adblock's fault for any of this, it was bound to happen. There was an obvious and great need for this kind of thing. Even if you find ways to pester people into not using it or "blocking adblock" on your site, you will just create a new need for a new type of adblock mechanism. You are shooting yourself in the foot.

"Waaaahhh!! (sniff sniff) But what will I do for money then???". I know, you could provide something worth paying for maybe?  If it's original content it is a bit more challenging, which it is SUPPOSED TO BE... it's not a lemonade stand after all. If you know anything about marketing, its this: you have to spend money to make money. The gravy train of Internet based incentive ads are going extinct. Even the text ads annoy someone.

And to you that show the 'Please Disable Adblock' message on top of a cute puppy photo: Why don't you just go down to the street corner because that is what you really are doing here, mooching off of people who already pay an average of 65$ a month for their Internet. If you have a subscription to HBO, how would you feel if they started showing commercials regularly?

Ok I said it... I had to, and no forum out there stays open for long enough to put this comment in so I had to post it here... pretty sad.

A Last Thought

I know I sound like an asshole, but you really, really need to realize that AdBlock whiners are just pan-handlers**. Even if you are a multi-million dollar corporation*** (especially if) because  you should be spending for advertisement, to this day that is how legitimate content  owners run their businesses, websites, etc.  Personal websites with content that has little value should not be making money in the first place, so get off already freeloaders.... sheesh!

More Scenarios

Need em? Just ask... too many!

*By free of charge, I mean YOU don't have to pay any costs for the website, space, etc. Let's be realistic, you can get a pretty hefty amount of storage and features in a free web package, cloud storage, etc for free these days. There isn't even a need for domain registration since there are so many free ones and most free hosts out there would cost more money for you to own than you could ever hope to make with just ads, which is a common gripe from those who claim to have these so called 'costs of operation'.  Only if 'costs' refers to 'my drinking and cigarette while I sit on the computer money'.

**Pan handler refers to those homeless (and occasionally, rich-in-desguise) people begging on the median of the freeway for money. AdBlock whiners are the second type and make me sick just as much if not more.

***If you became a MMC by just showing ads on the internet, you are the worst because you made everyone else think that it was someone synonymous with running an honest business. It's not, in fact, there's another name for this type of thing, it's called 'spam'...and when did we start calling them ads? When they started making us lots of money of course!