Monday, March 31, 2014

Linux Leaping into Holes (or Undermined Unitiy Unimpressive Underhood)

Here we see this blog post (bottom-right) and Linux (top-left), continue reading at your own risk.
This HTI post is unsuitable for readers who are offended.

...Oh I've posted plenty of Windows(R) hate blog posts in the past, and I think it might be high time for a Linux hate post. After all, it's not like I hate EVERYTHING in this world... oh wait, yes it is!  I have a few major hangups about the new Linux Kernels released in the past year (the key word here is "hang") and some major disappointments with Kubuntu (or should I say, disappearing mouse pointers, it almost sounds the same doesn't it?) Lastly, there's Ubuntu and Unity|Gnome, Canonical's baby (and that's a big bastard!) They may be the mother, but the father Linux has long since flown the coop.

First off, how can you develop and OS whose kernel is almost entirely written by someone else and their ideals, which you have to more or less maintain and update? It seems that at the core, it is a neverending flood of problems, sure it's secure and reliable, but at a MAJOR cost of performance. Even the lowlatency kernel is not much of a boost, and very obviously exchanges some performance for stability ( 30-80ms response times in I/O, but from 1:100 down to 1:10 in crashes or  hangups). Am I making these numbers up? You be the judge, you can try this out and prove me wrong, I'll love it!! *smack*

Next, once the system kernel is loaded, here comes the init train!!  It seems like a pissing contest between sysvinit and upstart has already gone underway!  And then the big annoying plymouth, just as annoying as their car-counterparts, always blocking your view, parking right in front of where you want to see. They need to finally take plymouth to the junkyard, it's done..

I am NOT doing this in order, but, i did forget to mention the boot loader, once was lilo, nice enough name... but who decided it should be called grub? and then it was popular enough to stay on to become grub2?  My eyes bleed and my nutsack shrivels up every time I have to say or hear "grub" in reference to the boot loader, what a terrible, terrible! name!! And while I'm talking about names, does everyhting have to start with a G or a K? It's bad enough that every library on the system has to start with 'lib' and end with a number, making it an annoyance when doing searches for them... what's the point of having programs like 'file' and the library descriptor header if they are all gonna be called or something like that??

(please place a HUGE rant about the Ubuntu Installer HERE because I'm too tired to write about it, it would be about 10 pages long!)

Now by this time,you are finally in Unity, if you are going Ubuntu like me this time around... it seems like someone somewhere thinks that magenta and orange actually look good together. And then, this someone actually convinced a bunch of other people that it was a good idea too. How terrible can you get?? And then there's the default themes, 3... that's it!  The only one that doesn't force it's puke-colors on you is the monochrome theme, which, would have been okay, had they made the other themes inverse of this, and maybe... i dont know, its just a though... let us... pick the color??

By now, you are probably screaming 'hey asshole, go to' and I am and did, but come on.. downloading and installing themes that 'might' work under unity all the way... really?  They solved this with KDE however by having a, and it looked like they reserved the name, but everyone apparently was happy with this half-assedness way that unity treats themes.

Now you say what? Use gnome instead?  It's even slower... Enlightenment is cool, IF it works...   Windowmaker is fast, and looks good----20 years ago.   And most of the rest of the window managers are either the "too good to tell you what the hotkeys are unless you hunt them down in the documentation" kind... thinking the worst, ratpoison.. and so justly named.  The only decent window managers are xfce, except for that part where you cant change much about it other than launchers, a SMALL bit of plugins, some actually that work.

(left) Ubuntu Trusty 14.04, (right) canonical and their partners

Now i'm sobbing... thinking to myself "this was an LTS release... they promised me that it would be fast, and would use MIR... and that it was cool.. but this is POOP ON A STICK!" At which point my eyes turn red.

You are probably thinking I will wrap up by preaching Windows and how I went back and it was super awesome compared to this. NO.. its not.  The only difference is that Windows sucks in different ways, and in bigger ways for me. I guess I'm stuck -- call me the ungrateful pig who uses free software and then slanders all those hard working folks for trying to make it what it is... because you'd be right.

I hope I didn't waste too much of your time. If you don't mind, please find the nearest button from your mouse and get the fuck off my blog. I mean that in the nicest way.