Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The "Is" Tickers: Google Religion Tickers

example of completion results with google
 An example of Google’s completion result. 

   I'd like to introduce Google Tickers, a spin off of what suggestions from the completion engine are giving #1 spots to on the "Subject Is ..." searches. The results are probably nothing like you would expect, let's have a quick look!!
   For the following table, the "Tick Name" is given in the form of "Item Is [No. 1 Hit]" for the first match, and "Item Is [No. 2 Hit]" for the second. For example, "Christianity Is Stupid" was the first match I got today, the next one was "Christianity Is Evil". Please note that these change from day-to-day, locale-to-locale, and even minute-to-minute. Don't expect your results to match mine one hundred percent, this is a just-at-the-moment report. But it's fun looking at them, right? Here they are...

Tick Name [Is] No. 1 Hit No. 2 Hit (for fairness & contrast)
Christianity Evil Stupid
Satanism Good Evil
Islam Evil A Relgion of Peace
Hinduism Polytheistic Evil
Buddhisim Is Not A Religion Is Based on What Concepts
Catholicism A Cult Evil
Shintoism A Universalizing Religion in Japan Associated with What Country
Taoism Bullshit Not a Religion
Numerology Fake Real
Scientology A Cult Evil
Religion Like a penis * Stupid
* I skipped the first match for religion because it was the famous quote "Is the opiate of the masses", which would be searched for that purpose and not particularly relevant. Any other similar situations in the above listings were not found at this time but may later by introduced if needed.

   Now, just so you know, I am agnostic. But I am not atheist either, my best friends' religions fall into one of the above categories. For religions that I didn't have friends in, I did not include because I want this to remain unbiased. However, it seems, people are thinking otherwise, I was very surprised at the results between Satanism and all the other (except Shinto) religions/beliefs.
  I followed up with "Religion" as a whole, just to get the general impression of how people feel about religion in general. Since it looks like most of those out there already don't care for religion, I would have to say that the results are still biased even in my best efforts on my side. Because of this, there's no

example of completion results with google
 I use Firefox's Google search which is built-in.
telling how much of the total population is actually feeling this way. I gazed at the additional results and found they too were very similar to the ones above in negativity/positivity, confirming the biased results, skewed data, and more.
  I'd love to know what others think about this. Is this an (un)fair way to judge how people are thinking? If not, why? If yes, why?  Take some time and compare my results with yours, are they the same? different? why would that by? Lots of great comments come out of things like this, so comment away! Even you trolls are welcome, I don't discriminate... much.

The results calculated above were done on Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 at approximately Noon-1pm Eastern Standard Time.  They were re-checked against another sample that was taken on the previous day, during the 16-17th  day hour to ensure consistency. (March 4th, 2014 at 4:00-5:00pm).

Please attach all responses as a comment, anonymous responses are quite welcome!