Friday, February 28, 2014

We Hate Hotmail (or "Microsoft Outlook Expresses My Anger")

Apparently there is/was a illegitimate
sister mail site called, I
think that's why Microsoft nixed the
name in the end, no pun intended!

You knew it was coming. Of course since I am posting on a Google affiliated site. But that's no reason not to flame the competition even though they have provided me with a solid e-mail account for the past 20 years (14 years as my current self, then another 6 years with other various accounts that were used infrequently along with myriad of other mail hosts when the internet was "new"). So yes, I'm an internet fogie, like that old man that has been sitting on the sidewalk since before the big skyscraper was built and torn down and turned into a Wal-Mart, but isn't everything a Wal-Mart these days? Ahem, where was I -- oh yeah, hating Hotmail because why?

  1. The name is terrible. Someone had to say it. Even Microsoft themselves have silently recognized this fact when changing it subtly to "Outlook" in a series of 5 different name changes that came over almost a decade. It's not like they could come out and say "Hey, we know, the name HOTMAIL sucks, lets call it Outlook from now on" No, that would make them look bad, as if they needed a reason...  
  2. "Spam" protection, or as I call it "Idiot" protection.  I shouldn't delve into this but.. I will!  Idiots can't read e-mail without clicking on all the pretty buttons and pictures even if they read "Press Here To Allow Your Identity to be Stolen By Us" -- there's probably someone out there who's gonna click it. It just might be you, after all this is a hatred blog, did you expect me not to fire some shots off at point blank?  
  3. "Junk" Filtering, or as I see it, renaming your "Inbox" and "junk" folders to vice versa. I usually find all my good mail in the junk folder, and all the junk in my inbox. Does nobody notice this?
  4. "Special" folders. Now, You would think by whitelisting your mail going into special folders, that they would leave it alone... but NO! They HAVE to tack some sort of warning or filter content there too... AFTER YOU TOLD THEM NOT TO.... yes this one gets me pretty steamed.
  5.  Last, but not least... the so called "Customization" color scheme. And before anyone says "Stylish" let me just say, giving the customer a choice between hues is not customiztion... might as well just be a rainbow background and call it good because It in no way impacts the real user interface or makes anything more or less readable, it just turns it to a couple different colors, kind of like those crappy car stereos in the 90s that had the 2-color faces, but you had to choose: ugly orange or unsightly cyan.... both bad... this is only a few steps away from being that.