Saturday, January 25, 2014

Stupid C++ Programmers..... need I say more?

And here is the mom (above) who bought Joe
his computer birthday present.
This is the only instance I will ever be tempted to use the Oh Em Gee abbreviation, which I wont actually use,  but I think you get the point. I JUST CANT STAND IT.... do you know what I am speaking of?  If you read the title to this post, you probably already do.  Of course I am talking about, stupid programmers. Specifically, the C++ variety.  Back in '92 i thought I had it rough with the occasional COBOL programmer butting into my chats on IRC's #coders, back when it was just Efnet, Undernet and Dalnet (and that was about it.... i don't count those home run IRC servers, mind you).  But now, it is terrible out there on the internet, which I have been quickly calling the magnet of all stupidity.

So here's the deal: Joe Blow got a computer for his birthday. He decides because he has a computer that he wants to "program it" so he can be like those kids on the terrible movie "Hackers" (shudder).  So, he goes and picks up a copy of Visual Studio, and quickly realizes that VS coders are "lame" and wants to pose as a Linux programmer, so he gets a copy of QtCreator, windows port of course, and goes onto every programming Q&A site and forum asking the stupidest questions.  What's worse is that not only does this guy have no talent, he is also a retarded moron. He can't even spell the words in his questions right, which is just down right aggravating. I could shit nails and have a lemon juice enema and make less noise in the forums as this guy does... and for what?? So he can have a little circle be drawn on a QGraphicsView when he presses the left mouse button... what the hell!!! Last time I checked there were about 7000 programs that included that inventive feature, and none of them were worth the time.  I hope I don’t come off as an asshole, actually I don't care. If I sound illiterate it is because I am so enraged I'm not even bothering to make any typo corrections. I just need to say this. RETARDS GET OFF OF THE INTERNET AND STOP PROGRAMMING! YOUR NOT GOOD AT IT SO STOP FLOODING OUR FORUMS AND Q&A SITES WITH YOUR LAME ASS QUESTIONS! There... somebody had to say it, glad it was me.

*The preceding is an unpaid advertisement for legitimate C++ programmers who are tired of looking for answers to questions that are complex, just to be flooded by questions that are just stupid but contain some of the same search words, are on the same site or forum thread as the question, or (usually) both. We wait for the newer and better internet to be invented so you will all go there instead, and leave us all alone again like you did back when computers were considered something strictly for nerds and geeks.