Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Web Search Results: Really Really Need Date-Stamping....don't let the milk spoil!!!

How many times has it been now, and how many articles have been written chasing this same request.  I can't imagine how easier my life would be if I just had the option to date-stamp search results in search engines!!  When the web was new, this was not an issue, even when it was 10 years old it wasn't too much of an issue but... now? maybe it's time to start caring about dates???

 How many times have you searched out some information about something only to find out that the information (half of the time at the END of the document) is about 15 years old!!!   Or a topic you are interested in is on some forum and you want to put your two sense in and you find out the comments have been long closed!! It is just so aggravating!

Yes yes, Google has it's "Tools" and you can search by date by trudging through menus and whatnot but who does that by practice (or wants to)? All results on ALL search engines should be date-stamped right off the top. Date searching should not be some backwater tool but a front-end feature. If the Internet is going to NOT be a jumble of data, this better management of historical data is going to have to take place. What if a kitchen never put date dots on their food?  People are going to die. 

  That's not to say not doing anything about putting dates on a search result is going to kill someone, but it sure kills your mood when you discover that you are arguing with a page author who is no longer alive! When do we start taking date data into account. I see a *little* more happening as I waited forever to finish this post -- wanting to have a seasoned, be it limited, view on the chronological implications of what I am talking about.

  So, Google, Yeah Who?, Duck2Go, (but not Bing-dat because they just suck), can we have some date dots over 'ere? That shouldn' be too much problem, since I don't enjoy spoiled meat and sour milk on a nightly basis.

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