Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Everything I've Ever Needed To Know I Learned From Watching South Park

The Learning Race

by Izzy A. Wraysest

A Shocking Look of Learning in the United States and it's Contiguous Surrounding Third-World Nations*.

Who Can?

Apparently, not many.  The united states,  my country, didn't even make it into the top 10, or even 20 for that matter[1]. The performance of children and young adults in the USA were scored into the low top 30s[2].  Why is the problem a problem? Because we don't need more stupid people, we have enough. I don't mean mentally retarded ("developmentally disabled" if you want to sound mean about it) either, I mean just plain stupid... running red lights while signalling to make a turn the driver has no intention to make. Putting salt on the ground when it is 20 degrees below freezing, filling up their gas tank with "Super" unleaded gasoline.
  What is worse is, according to additional studies in the USA, many of the top class-men/class-women are not even originally from this country anyways. Most of the toppers come from other, frequently less-well-to-do countries[3]. I guess that means we Americans don't appreciate what we have, which seems to be the norm around here. Talk about pig-headed, we take the cake (and everything on & around it too).

Why? Why not!

  It seems that American kids have little to do good for. It seems the taxpayers are paying for the education that they are just not getting.

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