Saturday, November 1, 2014

Welcome to November, Rain!

Well it's finally november here on the east coast, which means... yes! lots of rain!

I am going to do something different this month, I am going to kick it off with a hate-per-day, since it will probably (more likely) rain all month, it's the perfect time to get gloomy. Be sure to tune in every day this month at precisely 2:00 PM Eastern Standard Time.  However, today, it will be more like 3:00PM Eastern Daylight Time since today marks the last day of the dreaded daylight savings time, period.

I would like to dedicate this string of posted articles to my favorite thing in the world, the November Rain.  And it does not have anything to do with that song, I loved this sweet rain far before that to-continue-to-be-nameless band decided to ruin the term.  The rain is particularly sweet this month, because of the falling of the leaves.  It is the time of year where all trees are free to mourn their losses to the sounds of rattling chainsaws, and, rejoice in the fact that they won't be hearing too much more of them until the spring comes back.


So, be here, or be elsewhere, 2:00 Eastern, (1:00PM Central, NOON Mountain, 11:00AM Pacific,  etc).  And today, on hour earlier.


It means I must have been in a car wreck, or hit by a train during my morning walk down the right-of-way, or perhaps I came down with a terminal illness and might even be dead as your reading this right now.


That's fine, hopefully the posts will do well, not that I expect readers.  I expect just some adbot hits which is enough for me. I dont really do this for you guys, think of it as an anonymous, private, public journal. Most of what I write is encoded somehow, so good luck figuring out the real meanings behind my future, past, and (yes even this one) posts.  They can  be deciphered with a certain [item] which is to be *hint, nameless*.


Sorry to all who cared, but I had to go sooner or later.  I am glad to be helping the world not be so over populated.  I'll see everyone again in my next existence... which is most likely to happen about 1^10x100000000000000000th u-years** later!

* [h]ints our encoded slight[ly] two.
** u-year: the time in which it takes for the entire universe to create and then re-destroy itself, and all life contained within it

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