Sunday, December 22, 2013

i hate christmas

mummy couldn't make it this year, or is she??
Call it what you will. "New Years" "Christmas" "Hanukkah" or the more politically correct "Winter Holiday Season", etc, etc.  This time of year just makes me sick to my stomach. You cannot possibly know what I am talking about unless you have been there; on all ends of the spectrum, from poor to rich, from greedy to needy. And fortunately for you, I have, so let me tell you a little about the why when I say from the bottom of my black and loveless heart, that I hate this and all holidays.
First off, as if we americans (yes it should be capitalized, or should it be?? really?) needed any reason to increase upon consumption, and when I say consumption I mean all forms: Eating, drinking, buying expensive but useless electronics, sex, toys, stockings, trees, the list goes on.  The worst is the media: they spend every breath trying to tell us that the holiday spirit is "not just about money" but the only reason they are telling us this, is to get us to spend more.  Someone on the side of the road yesterday, holding a cardboard sign that read "Stranded, Homeless" out in the pouring rain wearing a thin coat, in my small town, and I actually saw someone swerve to try and splash him a big one.   It's the same vehicle that had the reindeer antlers covers for the spendy cellphone antennas, and even though it wasn't an H2, it might as well have been one.  I'm not saying that rich people are obligated to hand a C-note to everyone flashing cardboard signs on christmas, but come on, at least PRETEND that you are human. And not just this time of the fucking year either, ALL the time would be nice. Since when do people need an excuse to be human? Are we so terrible now that we only dedicate one month out of 12 to not be total assholes to one another?  That same day I saw some guy in a shiny red dodge dakota make a left turn right into the side of a minivan, i though for sure dad was gonna be banged up, but the asshole didnt even stop, he crunched his front end and didnt just not stop, he sped UP... and of course, I tried to track this guy down for a license plate number but since *I* needed to obey the traffic signal, he got away, going 90mph down a 25mph zone street where my kids often ride their bikes.

ever had one of these, aren't they great?
That said, I hope some of you assholes out there wake the hell up out of your god damn coma and start being a human, or at least do us a favor and plant the business end of your gun where it counts, and squeeze hard: preventing this kind of thing from repeating down the line.

Well, now to duck out until 2014 some time, it was a greatly strange year, maybe I'll take this blog a little more seriously next year but I doubt it. Don't forget about the sister sites.