Friday, October 4, 2013

i hate

If you are ever bored, go to, it is by far, the site with the most fucked up people in the entire world. Everything on how to kill people without getting caught to j'ing off whilst taking a ***t.... and I thought I was messed up in the head... I guess I have some work to do.  These are a bunch of muscle building flatheads that obviously have issues in the realm of adequacy... I mean REALLY have issues. If you read their posts you will either laugh so hard you'll cry, or run to your door and quickly install 15 or 20 new locks, because half the people in your apartment complex tend to look just like this:

..Man, this is very alarming if  you ask me. I can think of 3 or 4 I saw at the gas station alone. Are these people really among us??   If you ever though facebook people were weird, it makes them look like sugar rollers in my opinion. And these candy freaks take the toothpick! (FYI, i don't really go looking for this stuff, it just sort of lands on me when standing around as does everything else in NYC). And that one link I have you is just the start, try searching ddg'ing other stuff...