Thursday, May 30, 2013

Spam, it's not just heat meat...

Once upon a time, somebody with a lot of by-product that tasted good when thrown in a blender wanted to make some money. Thus, spam was born.  Once upon a time a man with 5 computers and some minor programming skills + knowledge of POP3, SMTP, Java and HTML wanted to make some money too. Thus, spam was reborn. Ten years later, that same man didn't feel like being rich and wanted to be super-rich instead, this is how web spam bots came about. They are the embodiment of 20 years worth of deceit, misuse of knowledge, and bad meat by-products combined into one terrifying and annoying ball of crap. If only I had a gun, I would go out and find that person who started it all, put the gun in his hand, and force him to shoot me because I can't take it anymore!  I would be much happier if I died knowing he would go through the same hell I did by seeing the fruits of his labor on every spam filter, recaptcha, and "threat probability of 97.5%" assessment out there.  When was the last time you signed up for a service, which is bullshit to begin with, to find that you not only have to tell them what this distorted image of letters and numbers says but that you also have to go, check you e-mail inbox, but you know it's not in there because the email provider's spam filter put it in your junk e-mail folder. If you are lucky enough and have the self control not to empty your junk mail when you first arrive because your provider says you are out of space then you might just be able to click on that confirmation url they sent you OH WAIT---- you cant, because now you are being told that "this link is not trusted so it wont be automatically opened" ... thats right, you have to RE-OPEN your mail in another tab or window, and THEN click on it... that is if your ad-blocking software lets you. And if it does, then most likely when  you open that new window with the provided link, it wont open because that goddamn popup blocker is killing it or not letting it open in the first place.... sure sure, so go back and disable ALL of that crap, finally.. wait what was I doing?????

...oh yeah I was confirming something, what? Can't remember.. oh yeah that service.. I was signing up for it to complain about some spam that came from them... pretty ironic isn't it??  And now that's all done, you find the next day you have about 150 extra junk mails in your inbox beause the spamfilter cant do it's job, from that company you just complained to. That's right---all you did by complaining was open yourself up as a target by saying "Hello, i'm a valid and human e-mail address, please send me ads because I might be stupid enough to buy your products that are probably 200x overpriced!!".