Monday, May 20, 2013

I HATE closed comment threads...

There's nothing worse than reading an article that you completely disagree with and read through some of the comments at the bottom to come to the bottom and see a nice big (or more often so small you miss it) "comments have been closed for this article/topic/thread" or "this thread has been closed and is being kept for archive purposes" which of course is bullshit. I dont care if it was posted 2 hours ago or 2 centuries ago... closing comments on topics that you write about is like saying that you did want feedback but "oops i'm tired of hearing about this, i'll just close commenting so I don't have to hear about negative aspects of my article because I'm a little bitch". I'm serious, its stupid to debate about something and then not let anyone else debate about it. This is one of the MAJOR reasons I hate the internet. Certain people should not be allowed to even post online. Maybe I'm included in that but at least let people write a damn reply. And if you cant take the traffic, you shouldn't have built the stoplight, so to speak... In the next paragraph I will outline how people are supposed to write articles, threads, etc.

The DOs of writing public:

DO keep your thread open, and if it is closed for some reason, delete the damn thing or provide some other place where the discussion can continue.

DO check back on your articles. If you can't do that, you shouldn't post in the first place.

DO update the article if you are proven (beyond a shadow of a doubt) wrong instead of closing your thread to replies and deleting the proof.

DO welcome all sorts of opinions not just the ones you are interested

DO welcome new comments, even if it happens 20 years later

DO remember that just because a topic is old, doesn't mean new people are not going to read it!

The DO NOTs of writing public:

DO NOT complain when someone replies to a 10-year-old post. If a person can write that usually means they can read too.

DO NOT simply write off opinions you dont like as 'trolls'

DO NOT put the message that the thread is closed at the BOTTOM of the page or in tiny tiny print!!! Let the poor bastard know he's reading a closed thread before hand if you must have it be closed or archived!!

DO NOT assume the topic is out of date, there are many people that use old software, technologies, drive old cars, or simply 'live in the past'. Keep threads open for them not you.

DO NOT pretend that just because you wrote it that it belongs to you. From the moment you write an article and publish it, it no longer belongs to you. It belongs to the common public. Unless you are putting it into a gold-plated book and selling it for 1000$ per bit, you cannot transfer ownership to any one person. Articles are slashed apart again and again.

DO NOT cite your resources when they are obvious.. i hate that shit (example: I went to McDonald's the other day and got a cheeseburger.   Resources: [1] McDonald's is a trademark of blah blah... from page 2] paragraph [3], etc... that is not citing, thats just being stupid.  If you need to cite something, do it the right way. If you don't know how, take an on-line college psychology or other research-related course to learn how and NO college-level technical writing DOES NOT count as a research-related course (unless your teacher is obsessed with it) but many other entry-level courses are (Microbiology, Speech, etc).

DO NOT censor people or ban them for PG-level swearing.  In my opinion, if people have their kids online, they should watch them... its not hard (and yes, i AM a parent).  The internet is not a babysitter nor should it ever be considered one.  People should be allowed to talk normally when responding (as I am here) and some vocabulary although a bit rough, can help get a point across and demonstrate anger or other emotions in ways otherwise impossible using just text.


DO NOT be a biggot, PG-level swearing does not mean bigotry! And even worse are those that are biggotists (one who thinks everyone else is a biggot or a racist, you know who I mean...)   I used to live in Denver, CO and let me tell you there are alot of those types there.  I was one of the few white folks in my school and I know what it feels like to be picked on every day due to skin color, let me tell you, so none of that ... come on, its 2013 (or later), are we still that stupid to think that skin color has anything to do with who a person really is on the inside?? That's like saying freckle covered people are all homo-retards... does that sound logical at all?? no?? Thats because IT ISN'T!

Okay, im tired of writing this, so i'll close my crazed rant with a few words:
Stop being stupid!  Stop being retarded! and PLEASE Stop Closing Threads!
...oh yeah and STOP writing words like "IMO" or "LOL" or "OMG" they ARE NOT COOL!!! I swear, teenagers were smarter 20 years ago than they are now. They all talk like idiots you'd think the caps lock key was stuck and their text buffers only held 12 characters... sheesh....

HAHA! So long suckers!