Sunday, May 19, 2013

I hate google (again) much, since it came out.... why? because it's another one of those things we are forced to use whether we like it or not, whether we want to or not. I hate that and everything else similar that proceeded to take over with their long corporate arm, reaching over the net like a great tragedy, casting a shadow over us who have been here since the beginning, like those poor souls in midgar, we only stay because we remember how it used to be, and we still love our private global space even if it is getting filthier by the day... only it ain't the shinra, its google but it might as well be.  Back on tack, google loves to throw its weight around, like twitter and other link and share sites, (if you want to know how i feel about those, read my article 'link and share').   Anyhow, we now have a search engine that spans millions of pages but for some god-unknown reason, there is NO better searching features other than the ho-hums 1: search for these words in any order 2: "search for these words in this exact order etc"  3: not on, or only on these sites 4: -not -these -words    --- dont get me wrong, they are essential, but when you are dealing with millions of pages couldnt there be a way to narrow things down better? Why do we bother inventing things like regular expressions if the largest search medium on the entire planet isn't going to use it (bite me google code, your useless). Even some wildcards would be nice, we dont even have that!!!   So, again on tack, heres a little bash script that will help you pick out some results right from your linux terminal if you are an avid linux user or cygwin (poser). And stop saying 'freetard' it does NOT make you cool.

Here's the one line of glory, if you are using any gui terminal you can double-click on the results straight away. I'm pretty sure GET comes with all installs of ubuntu and their related distros, and some other big-tros as well so you need not get lynx (unlike my other example with mimicing the get lucky button):

GET -H User-Agent | grep "a href=\"[^\"]*" --only-matching | grep "/url\?[^;]*" --only-matching | grep "(http|https)://[^\s]*" --only-matching | sort

Thats supposed to be all on one line, and the sort is optional. You will want to use these two extra grep options:

--color=never -P 

...right after each 'grep' command above, i just didnt include them for more simplicity. if you dont have --color=auto in your .bashrc as your grep alias like it is at install time by default.

if you are REALLY lazy and only want to copy and paste, just execute this command before doing the one above to ensure it works right:

alias grep='grep --color=auto -P'

So that's my rant/cmdlet of the day.  And...

[ $YOUHATEME == "YES" ] && echo "Go to hell!" || echo "Go to hell anyway!"

as usual! Have a terrible day, no.. have MANY MANY TERRIBLE DAYS!!!! HAHA!!!

bye bye

oh yeah this is a browser isn't it...