Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sites that Cite Their Sites with Cites of other Sites

Information Overload

Is there too much information on the Internet?

I am about tired of all these sites that don't really have anything on them except links to more sites, and what's worse is that sometimes they are pointing to links to even another site, once you get there, you find out you have to go to Sourceforge to download it, then pick a mirror to get to the actual place that has the file you want to download.  When books were invented centuries earlier, culture at that time went through an Information Overload period. A period where bitchy men like me went around shunning books everywhere saying there were just too many of them and that overabundance of information was not helpful but hurtful to the common good.  I can agree with this to an extent with the Internet, but not with books. When you read a book, you don't have to worry about a bunch of books you didn't want to see dropping in front of your face and demanding that you at least read the heading before they can be removed from your sight. I am particularly sure that regular mail boxes ("snailboxes") ever delivered hardcore porn on a regular basis to an elementary school in Wisconsin. See what I mean?  I read my e-mail, I mean I throw away 99% of my e-mail, and read 1% which is mostly newsletters or account notices, maybe 0.1% of that is actual mail from people in which the e-mail account I originally wanted it for. This is bad... one time, right before my Father died. I recieved an e-mail from my cousin telling me I better call the hospital because he may not make it. Well, first of all, hotmail delivered that message to my junk e-mail box. Furthermore, it was buried in a mass of hundreds of Penis Extending, Mortgage Loaning, etc ad-mail. Not to mention all those mails that try to trick you into thinking it's a legetimate email from someone important. Long story short, I didnt find that e-mail until after the funeral when my cousin told me about it.  I personally wrote a long letter to all those companies that were responsible. What good did it do? NONE. Not even a response or disclaimer. These people dont give a shit about us at all or they would not do it in the first place! It is a sad cold world out there, I often wonder what good is anything anymore when something like that happens. And yes  I did have a cellphone, but you know when poor people live 3000 miles from each other, e-mail seems like a better choice for the sender. Not so much for the receiver... after that I stopped using e-mail for important communication. It's sad that such a capable thing as many on the internet have fallen victim to porn and marketing... everytime a new fresh technology that connects the world in harmony, you are going to bet that it will be just as quickly taken away by the sickos and the greedy. And as for sites that do nothing, there are JUST TOO MANY.  Don't put up a website if you dont have content on it!!! how hard is it to understand that?? In fact, its a ketch-twenty-two that index sites exist. Because the internet is hard to navigate, they exist... but they are the reason it's hard to navigate... too many results from the so called 'source' which is nothing more than another f-ing index site!!   Ok, i'm calm now... no.. i'm not.. I AM A LUNATIC BAHHHH!!!