Friday, May 3, 2013

May, the month that most closely rhymes with Hate! And the source of....

...motherf****ers's day!!  Hah... another stupid holiday designed to separate your hard work from your wallet, and guide it neatly into some douche-bag’s bank account. Do we REALLY need an excuse to call our mothers.. or to NOT call our mothers? I haven't in a long time but you know what its not going to be mothers day that makes me either. And I am not going to buy into that whole thing. Randomly buying your Mom a gift in October, when its not her birthday AND when you haven't spoken in 3 years - now that's more like it .... I would probably go for that. But since nobody reads this post (at least not in this half of the century) until I am long dead, but hey once I'm dead as far as I've been told in history class, this will be just as good as bible text, so I'm taking FULL advantage at trying to influence and FORCE my way of thinking on you, is it working yet??? And I bet there are STILL no damn flying cars, either!  Didn't think so.  So when you go out for those 'May Flowers' you might want to drop off a mass mail to Hallmark, Inc. with a big picture of you flipping the bird while you piss on their mamma's grave.... up yours big business!   How dreadfully wife-beater wearing, white trash rearing, trailer park dwelling urban origination that this sounds like it is coming from but hey, isn't that just about every other American these days.... walking down the street, the men all wearing either
backward hats with a bandanna tied on it that hasn't been washed in 2 years.. you know what i'm talking about. And don't get me started about how they try to rob everyone by checking their mailbox as if they were the world's greatest criminal and act supprised the next day when the cops are beating down their door. And the women, dont get me started on the women... the women all walking down the street, slow like anyone wants to give them a ride or something, and then they are either toting
a 2-child stroller or if not, wearing pants that are 2-3 sizes too small, with some very suggestive writing across the ass-area, and to top it all off, they are all ugly as can be... I don't mean normal ugly either, i mean REALLY ugly... uglier than me, and that's pretty bad.  So.... phew...  I'm glad I got this out.  Thanks for reading, if you got this far. If you didn't, you wont be reading this anyway so why am I bothering with this sentence??

Sorry to all of those who actually like this holiday, but it's not needed, like 99.9% of all holidays, its only given off by those who can afford it. And only taken off by those who are either rich or crazy enough not to accept the overtime which in this quote-unquote "recession" <--- i say that because it isn't a goddamn recession, recession does not mean gas goes from being 1.29/gal to almost 5.00/gal overnight and becomes more expensive than milk which also goes up more than a full dollar a gallon along with all other foods, and the minimum wage does nothing to help it, unless you feel like waiting around for 2015 when everyone will be getting 10$ an hour, i bet everyone making 10$ an hour now will be making minimum wage REAL SOON :) thats how it works my friends i've been there a million and a half times....... THAT IS A DEPRESSION MY FRIEND!!  So what was I talking about, oh yeah, about saying sorry about mother's day and those who like it.... Anyway, so sorry.

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