Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I hate pay sites

Did you ever go to one of those sites where they basically make you pay to download the same text you could just cut+copy+paste? I didn't think people were stupid enough to actually do this but apparently they are, because the damn things are popping up everywhere! Is it really easier to enter in your CC info and pay the 20$ a year than it is to press CTRL+PRINTSCREEN and fire up pbrush aka mspaint (or if you are me, kolourpaint or gimp)??? Apparently yes. A recent visit on some sites have suggested a LARGE amount of people need to spend money because they have too much of it. I have an idea, how about a "stupidity tax"? Yes, for all those stupid services no one should ever have to pay for, and if they are stupid enough to pay for it, tax em!  I mean, if they have no problem paying for someone to cut+copy+paste a file to their computer,  then surely they wont notice if you add a little 0.9% tax on it, that would compensate for all the stupid mistakes people make in the world, at least some of them would.  Its just as good of an idea as making convicts pedal bikes in the gym to generate power for the city.. which apparently happens in Australia.   Come on governments, who's with me???


"Just as the light at the end of the tunnel is usually the oncoming train,  the silver lining around that cloud is usually a falling 747 that's going to fall right on you"