Monday, March 4, 2013

New month, new hate

So what are the top 10 results for February? It seems that when it's all said and done....

1. People still hate Minecraft more than Microsoft
2. People are still having more trouble undoing a bra than undoing an action in Microsoft's word.
3. People are still wondering why their poop is green just a little bit more than they are wondering why cstring.h is so slow at debugging.
4. Now that it's tax time, "where's my refund" now tops the old number one question "where's Chuck Norris" (????)
5. Apparently 100 years later, gold is no longer important, but now people are interested in other people  who are extremely stupid AND want to procreate.. (how is babby formed will answer your questions on this one) Apparently, we actually ARE going to become the living incarnation of the film idiocracy which apparently is only spelled correctly when it is misspelled.
6. Number 5 is confirmed when we realize that more people out there are looking for a new love than a job, which means in order to get a job, you must either be a) happy with your lovelife or b) completely hopeless.
7. I think wishing for a river was song lyrics does that count as wishing? Anyways, the top other wishes? Money? Power??? Nope.   #1  an angel   #2 a boyfriend  #3 a rabbit in a hat with a bat
Now what does this say about society? If the polling populous is mostly to the males, then we are all single gay homos who get off on animal abuse... or... (im not a girl so i wouldnt know)...
8. What do we like to eat... according to recent suggestions, the number one thing is ... you guesed it.. POOP!!   (ICE came in a distant second)  I wonder how many people really are out there eating poop these days.. do I work with a bunch of poop-eaters... i better wash my hands ALL the time then... no handshakes for me.
9. Where are people interested in traveling to... how about a romantic vacation for two in.... yep, CUBA!!! I cant believe people actually want to go there, and is Hawaii #2... no of course not.. it's Ireland... then north Korea... not sure how Ireland got shoved in there...
10. And at last.. what do people need??   lyrics aside, people seem to need a hero (sandwich?) and a job, followed by doctor.. yes that order seems good... you eat too much, try to work it off and end up having a heart attack because your too damn corpulent to do so.

i guess hating the internet is taking a backseat to iphones these days, but hey its all the same, so...
share the hate.... HATE ME BACK!!! It's so good to see so many don't care these days!!! :) :) :)