Sunday, July 14, 2013

why do people care about caring? (or "humans: the ultimate party favor")

they don't... and you can search that subject in quotes and never get a response save this one. People do not care anymore about anything except themselves and I'm no different, either.  So caught up in their meaningless lives not to realize the truth that is staring us all in the face. Death is when you go back to where you were before you were first born. What makes us ourselves is merely a collection of all elements in that unique way (using unique very loose here) to create our bodies and mind, and the memories contained therein. These are the components of the soul, some would say. What are the chances that the same exact molecules will come together in the same structure again to regive us a new life? Well, it probably happens only once in a trillion eons times infinity squared. that's 1/sqr(10000000000000*inf()) to put it in a-numeric form. This would take almost forever to happen again, meaning, nobody could possibly be reincarnated as a cat 2 days after death, or even 200 years after their death. Reincarnation is just silly.  The real truth is that after the tillions of eons*inf (tri-eon-ity we'll call it) will feel like less than a second. By then the whole planet, universe even, has been created and destroyed millions of times, people who were almost you came and went but were not you. Until BAM, one day those elements come back together to form you once again... stuck... doing the same things forever possibly? making the same mistakes? probably not since there's even less chance of you being created along with every other being on the planet in the exact same manner in the exact same time. Technologies probably will evolve differently as well. Hell, the best description you could put on it is 'paralell world' however it's not truly paralell because in real paralell worlds only the timeline has been altered, and not the entities in it.  I am not afraid of death. But I am afraid of never being to come back to this life again, because the most troubling part is that I won't even be allowed to miss it because my memories won't be coming along when I am reborn...  It is everyone's fate.  We try to rationalize god and reincarnation or heaven and hell... step back and see how silly that really sounds.  Some super being is creating us and watching over us, but only the ones that believe in him? And for some reason never makes his presence known except to those that claim he has (which we all know is a load of bull).  We are comforted by the thought that our family that has passed on is waiting on the other side. There may be an 'other side' but I assure you, nobody is waiting because nobody gets to take their memories with you. For a perfect example, think of dreams. When you are in a dream, you typically don't take your regular memories with you, you are instead installed a static set of memories that pertain to the dream you are in, and when you enter the dream, you know nothing of before that time. However, when you exit the dream, the memory makes a footprint and lets you reflect back for a time (and unless you make it a point to remember it, it will fade). Now death is most certainly like this, except there is no coming back from it. Perhaps this is why so many that have been declared clinically dead describe things they would normally see in a dream... probably was, and the memory wasn't going with you... but you came back with a footprint, but a limited to your brain footprint because you cant travel forward in time to your rebirth and come back, obviously.   I just cannot believe there are so many still out there in this 21st century that submit to ridiculous worship of a statue or a picture (or in the old days 'god images').... c'mon it just takes some logical deduction to figure this out, and so far NOBODY seems to realize what is happening here... sheesh.

I'd love to go into further details on this, which I could all day and night, examples, citations, research.... but I don't get paid to do this, my hands are tired, and the sun is now up...

Have some real fun: print this out and post it at your favorite church or other place of worship, use super glue on the back so it cant be taken down, and sit back and watch the horror unfold!! It makes a great party favor!

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