Wednesday, April 17, 2013

rise and shine: rain, aliens, child abuse, cloud apps, and utopian society falls from our grasp!

It's another day. I am going to say, i hate this day again. It rained all last night and the stupid dog of course is afraid of thunder and can't stop trying to get underneath me like there's some magic hole i'm covering up that leads to 'no storm land' which there isn't.  Of course the power flickers and the phones dont work
right but of course the internet is working just fine... This reliability is going to be it's downfall. People are now so reliant on a constant connection that cloud applications are springing up like potatoes from the ground.  And now, the true goal of cloud computing comes into view... anti-piracy. You can't very well pirate an application that you don't actually run from your own machine can you? One where the code stays on the company's site?  You could be in a cabin on the far side of the moon and still have an internet connection (even though you have no air, water, food or sufficient gravity)... It's nice to know
that if I get sky-rocketed out to space I'll still be able to use my pda while I'm gasping for air in those last few moments. Who knows, in the future maybe I can bid on a space suit and have it delivered instantly if I have enough money on my credit card.... hahaha!!   Now we've done it... we want space aliens to see how far we've come by sharing our signals with them in space, but unfortunately, no space alien is going to want to go through 2000 'terms of service agreements' pages and check their email for verification just to sign up to get access to a forum, or even worse, our wireless security is so good now, that unless an alien had our MAC addresses they wouldn’t get far anyway... and if they did, they would be arrested for hacking.   It's so nice that we are heading for that utopian society we've all dreamed of.... YEAH RIGHT.

I heard someone say that we are doomed to be overpopulated by 2030, i have just one note for everyone out there... STOP FUCKING!!! CONTROL YOURSELVES... EVER HEARD OF A CONDOM?? BIRTH CONTROL????   And yes, it should be a law, you should NOT be allowed to have kids unless BOTH parents have at least graduated from high school. In fact, when someone is born, they should have their reproductive organs disabled until they graduate high school, both men and women alike, this way, no couple who even one of has not finished school can't possible have a child!  And if the person drops out and gets a GED, that does NOT count. I've known too many GED holders who might as well not have one, you can get a GED out of a cracker-jack box as easily as getting a driver's license. No, it must be a HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA... OR... (if the GED path has been taken) an Associates degree of some sort because basically you cant get an AA without actually proving the knowledge you got in high school. And an IQ test isn't a bad idea either.. maybe some common sense stuff too. I'm serious... NOT EVERYONE will be able to do this, no not everyone should have kids or even have the right, parenting is the most important job on earth and should only be done by qualified people.... that is, people who have brains, aren't doing every drug under the sun,
screwing every man/women in their town, infected with every STD known to man, and certainly not involved with the justice system on a daily basis. I think China has the right idea... we should at least follow suit on that one.... but no, our govenment makes too much money off those assholes who do what I just said... where would our country be without being able to fine and jail all those child abusers and molesters.. (who by the way pay money out big, but for some reason get to walk out of jail after only a few months! Tell me this isnt true... but it is, ive seen it first hand, over and over). Ok, thats my rant for now, I'll leave you with this thought: every second of every day a child is being beaten, raped or otherwise abused by incompetent parents... is this utopia?

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