Sunday, March 3, 2013

Windows 8 - The Worst of the Worst

What do I hate? Windows!

Hatred of Windows, especially Windows 8 and Server 2012.

"They are hands down the biggest pile of crap ever made"

They should have shot the guy who thought up metro, let me just say that first. And XAML may make things look nice, well where is it in Windows 8? What, a new technology already? but they just invented another one not too long ago, tomorrow there will be some other random acronym that now stands for some new technology that king MS wants people to learn. I have had enough. I learned ASM just to find out it is near useless in windows programming unless you have mondo time to organize your source... I learned C++ just to find out there are all these "other" technologies I had to learn on top of it... I learned MFC... COM... ATL... just to learn that MS wants to kick C++ to the curb and that's right, now I had to learn VB, C#, F#, XAML, etc...etc..etc!!!! Forget it... I am crossing over. Back to our subject. Windows 8 is definitively crap as far as I am concerned  METRO??? Who the hell designs this crap, I mean come on.. these people get PAID to write software and this is the best they could do??  Distros like Knoppix, Chakra, Gentoo and Ubuntu are opensource and have far more relevant coding done to them. Tons of hard work that was done for FREE. At this time, Microsoft has a stranglehold on the market, they hold all the keys to hardware, they wipe ATI/AMD and NVIDIA's butt so they wont supply card specs  basically keeping drivers for video cards - a CRUCIAL piece of hardware, in closed source. Microsoft undoubtedly pays a large sum to keep this happening. Its just as bad as lobbyists in the white house if not worse. That is how they avoid being pegged as a monopoly, by "appearing" to compete with Linux and other OSes while actually snuffing them out in the back alleys. Is there no hardware Manufacturer around anymore that will say "No" to Microsoft's checkbook... i guess not. And as for software, it would ALL run on Linux if it weren't for that small fact. In fact some of my windows apps run much faster in Linux anyways, and among these are 3-D games and such .. emulators.. etc. And I'm not a long time Linux supporter either!!! I was a devout Windows supporter for 27 years!! I bought and paid for every copy... out the nose on the nose.. since MS-DOS 3.3 came out.  Just recently however, the Windows 8 thing was the last straw, LAST STRAW.

Needless to say, I've been using Ubuntu Linux which I HAVE NEVER USED LINUX UNTIL.. December 28th (approximately). On that day, I promised myself and my hardware we would never see another Microsoft product again.. and I have been happier since. Sure it takes ALLOT of getting used to .. and crashes happen, with ALL operating systems. And people seem to blame Linux for their own stupidity when things don't work like when they recklessly install packages with the 'force yes' options all turned on.. then they are like 'why don't it work.. its crap!' noooo.. you are STUPID. that's why. I gave Linux a real go.. a full month of getting used to, and it did take getting used to, i had to re install 3 times cause i was inexperienced with Linux still.. but that's nothing compared to the 20 times I've had to re install windows last year because of some trivial hardware problem... and this is windows 7 I'm talking about, how disappointing was vista, ME?? a glimmer of hope was with 7, and quickly snuffed out with 8... and server 2008 was already crap, and became bigger crap with 2012.  And hyper-v??? don't get me started...  anything that's not backward compatible in my book is crap. Want details about this? ask for them!

The only downside to going over to Linux is now I have to learn Perl, bash, Qt, etc but it seems like I am picking it up a lot faster, the community and fellowship for Linux driven technologies seems to be much more friendly than the king MS community where everyone seems to be your enemy or competitor. You know, "I'm not going to tell you how to do that fast, its MY secret, you'll have to come up with it on your own" I've been told basically this by many coders.

On the up note and very against this blog's topic, I do love Linux, especially Kubuntu back-port on 12.04 LTS, not 12.10 which isn't good for LTS, i think 12.04 really hits the mark, you can burn the entire thing to a CD which you cant with 12.10, for some unholy reason you have to put 12.10 desktop on a DVD although you can still put the server version on a CD.... what I don't get is why can't they make an extras CD like back in the earlier red-hat days. Yes I confess I did buy a copy of red hat Linux back in 1997, but I quickly disowned it because back then Linux was just not up to par with Windows. But now they really are up to par. Maybe not Red-Hat which I hear now better for servers whereas Debian-Based Linux boxes are better for desktops. That doesn't mean that Debian doesn't do a good job as a server as well. I have 3 server machines running it right now, in fact I am posting from one of my servers right now. If you have six machines like I do get synergy and you can have hex-head system (as opposed to dual-head system or tri-head system, or even quad-head systems are configured in this way as well). I think it supports up to 15 monitors or something, imagine an 15 monitor system with one keyboard and mouse? The most I have had is 6 monitors. (one being a dual-head system, which if you take that into consideration, you could actually have up to 30 monitors if  all machines were dual-head.. or if you ran dual cards for quad head (like ATI crossover) you could conceivably have up to 60 monitors!! hahahah!!! Anyways threes your moment of zen for the day, but remember, windows 8 sucks bad, Linux is emerging from the womb after a long sleep, and will be the OS of the new millennium!

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