Thursday, March 28, 2013

Link and Share

I just checked the list today and there are far too many link and share companies out there. Since when do we need a third party to send a link to fellow friend on messenger. Isn't it easier to just paste that link into a message than to sign up, verify your e-mail (which might involve signing up more, if you dont have a proper one), choosing a password that is usually not one you'll remember because the site doesnt let you use your regular one. Apparently our passwords are not good enough even though nobody has guessed them in the last 20 years... Then finally, you can click and share... which, isn't that just another brick taken out of day-to-day "real" human interaction. Now we just need a click-and-go to the bathroom site, and we wont even have to leave our computers at all. I guess thats why there are cellphones... nobody can hear you poop when you are typing everything instead of voice chatting.  How's that for appeal?  Maybe they should put that on the next text message commercial right?

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