Saturday, October 6, 2012

I hate more specifically...

I hate you "digital age" programmers. When you release a new version, it used to mean that it was a more bug-free, faster and more efficient piece of software. Well, not anymore... now it seems new versions of software are defined by their bloat, stupidity through simplicity and just plain nonsense. Did it ever occur to you that we would rather not.... but we can get more specific than that. (What do I mean by 'we'?? you'll find out about that later)

Polishing The Turd

Second, I HATE programmers today. The new ones are on fat and fast computers which cause the programmers to write slow and lazy code. Anyone notice the grotesque amount of .NET applications these days? How about the once pure native programs now that have been "hybridized" with .NET (3dsmax, buzz, CCC, just to name a few). These programs, once fast and powerful -- now have .NET components integrated on them, its like a big yellow parking boot on a sports-car if you ask me. And WTF is this bullshit with RIBBONS???? Who the hell thought that was a good idea... some staff meeting "Hey, lets confuse the hell out of everyone who is used to Microsoft Office, and MOVE ALL THE COMMANDS every which way we can... but lets not stop there, lets make the interface COMPLETELY DIFFERENT so they have to RELEARN ALL OF IT!! MUAHAHA!!" in the end, i envision the executives 'shaking hands' with reps from various schools who will specialize in these new classes that help once the once office-savvy 'get back up to speed with things'.... you cant polish a turd, unless you are microsoft!!! *ting*