Monday, September 24, 2012

First off, I HATE YOU

I hate you all, what you people have done to the internet. Oh and you can take that "you people" comment however you like and YES I DO MEAN IT IN THAT WAY.

You and people like you have ruined the web and most other society based internet groups,
you can try, but you will never be cool using your stupid little mneomics such as "OMG" or
"ROFL" .... do you really think typing those letters in all caps (or not) is somehow cool??
And no wonder every country hates the USA... hell, i'm an american and I cant stand it either... If
I could, I would have been gone 10 years ago but they don't just let you leave this country
so easily... thats the conspiricy nobody wants to talk about and why this damn place has all
the power and none of the balls. From sea to shining... septic tank! agree with me? email: or reply to share your views. (if there is anyone left that actually
qualifies as a person with views)